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In the city of Karachi, Alamgir Welfare Trust is the largest provider of goats(bakra) for sadaqa. Since the last 18 years, Alamgir Welfare Trust is providing these services and excelling in them and today Alamgir Welfare Trust buys thousands of goats everyday just to provide sadqa services.  Also the meat that is provided by people through sadqa is distributed to the most deserving people.

According to the tradition of Holy Prophet (P.B.U.H) through sadaqa (charity) believers are able to get away from difficulties and troubles in their lives. Therefore charity has been given a lot of importance in Islam and people are encouraged to do it. But for a normal person it is difficult to find an animal and do sadaqah therefore Alamgir Welfare Trust not only provides people with animal but also helps in sacrificing it and  getting the meat distributed in the far flung areas where people are in dire need of it.

Keeping in mind the rising petrol prices and the effect of it on the cost of other things Alamgir Welfare Trust has started using fuel efficient motorcycles to transport animal from one place to other so that the cost of doing sadaqah doesn’t increases.


Islam encourages it followers to do aqeeqa to celebrate the birth of a new born baby in the family. It is recommended that aqiqa should be done on the 7th day of birth and it is not very easy for the new parents to find the animal for aqiqa hence Alamgir Welfare Trust also provides aqiqa services.


Rates of Sadaqa Bakra Animals (Exclusive for Foreign Donors)

Kind Rates/unit-Through credit cards
Sadqa Bakra From Rs. 10,000 to Rs. 35,000 
Aqeeqa Bakra   From Rs. 15,000 to Rs. 20,000   
Sadqa Cow Rs.84,000 
Sadqa Cow (Part) Rs.12,000 
Sadqa Hen  
Local/Domestic Donors: please confirm  latest rates by calling 021-111-153-153(Karachi ) or 051-111-153-153 (Islamabad)






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